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The word shiatsu in translation means "finger pressure" . However, this is not a classic massage. This technique is rather a touch therapy that uses the principle of holistic medicine. Shiatsu is considered a part of Eastern medicine that focuses on finding and eliminating the cause of a health problem rather than treating the symptoms. Shiatsu is recognized in Japan as a treatment method belonging to the Japanese health system.


The therapy takes place in such a way that the practitioner of shiatsu creates pressure with fingers or palms on acupressure points and meridians (channels with flowing life force) in the client's body. The main principle of shiatsu is to work with life force (ki, chi), which can stagnate in the body and thus create health complications. Using shiatsu, we try to return ki back to its natural form, when it flows smoothly and evenly in the body. This allows us to start self-healing processes in the body.

According to Tokujiro Namikoshi, the most important quality in shiatsu is the quality of touch, which he called "loving touch" . Also, Mr. Susumu Kimura emphasizes some qualities that the treatment should have. He claims that shiatsu is mainly about sharing good energy between the healer and treated person.

"When we work in harmony with the body and not against it, the body and the energy system align themselves."

Shizuto Masunaga
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