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My Approach

I don't see yoga as just an enjoyable exercise. I try to pass it on in its full extent. Of course, most of the class is devoted to practicing yoga poses (asanas), during which I try to point out the importance of breathing

and awareness of one's own body and current state (physical and mental). 


The most important thing for me is that my clients in yoga classes are able to stop their thoughts for at least a few minutes and manage to be present with themselves. This is exactly what I am trying to achieve with the help of yoga. 

In lessons, I also work with clients on breathing exercises, concentration on breath and body, conscious movement, sufficiently long relaxation and, depending on the advanced level of the group/individual, meditation and other techniques.

If I had to summarize my typical lesson, I would say that it looks roughly like this: 

  • concentration on breath and body

  • healthy warm up and movement of joints 

  • yoga set of asanas

  • breathing exercises or pranayama 

  • relaxation or meditation etc.


I mainly teach Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and yoga flow for beginners and advanced students.

Private lessons

I create my private lessons to each client according to his wishes and ideas

and above all according to his physical, mental or time possibilities. I see a great advantage in these lessons is that the client can move faster towards his goal. We also have more space to focus on deeper practice, whether asanas or other elements of yoga. That's why I recommend this option especially to people who have some health complication, but still want to practice yoga, or are complete beginners and want to learn solid and correct basics. Individual lessons are also used by clients who are preparing themselves to become a yoga instructor. In general, there are many reasons why people take private lessons.

Unfortunately, there is not always space for everything I would imagine in a group lesson. For example, there is not so much time for consultations and individual modifications of individual positions. However, I always try to give my clients the maximum from my group classes

and I certainly don't want to devalue group lessons, they have their advantages as well. So it depends on the personal preferences of each of us.

I teach private lessons in Pilsen, Rokycany and the surrounding area at clients' homes or at my premises.

The price of an individual lesson is 700 CZK for 90 minutes (plus 100 CZK extra for each additional person, max. 3 people) or 600 CZK for 60 minutes (100 CZK extra for each additional person, max. 3 people). Can be canceled no later than 24 hours before the lesson, otherwise I demand the full price at the next meeting.


I also now offer semi-private yoga classes where the group capacity is limited to 4-5 people. Lessons are suitable for those who need an individual approach and at the same time cannot use the possibilities of private lessons. This lesson is a pleasant option for active families or a group of friends/colleagues.

Please contact me for more information about the price and available dates.

Yoga therapy

The main idea of the ​​yoga therapy is that we look at a person's health from a holistic perspective. Together, we will focus on improving physical and mental well-being, not only by practicing yoga positions, breathing techniques and meditation. We will be interested in how you feel, what you are currently dealing with. We will also use diagnostics in order to adapt the course of the lesson even more to your needs. If necessary, I will help you with relaxation/release techniques, i.e. I will release body parts that cannot yet be released by exercise. ​


The course of yoga therapy will always be different, but in general it should look like this:

  • initial interview

  • diagnostics

  • movement – ​​yoga, stretching

  • breathing techniques/meditation/concentration/relaxation

  • recommendations for home practice (exercises, diet, acu points, etc.)


Lessons are suitable for solving health problems or as prevention. It doesn't matter whether or not you have any previous yoga experience.

The therapy lasts 90 minutes and costs CZK 1,000. Regularity is important and it is necessary to count on a longer period of time to notice the effect. These classes take place only at the address Kollárova 34, Plzeň.

Group lessons

Group lessons are structured as I described above. Although we practice yoga in a group of several people, I still try to approach these people as individuals

and give them what they need. Although, as I already mentioned, it doesn't always work out. In order to maintain this approach, I have limited capacity in lessons. Ideally 10 people, if I know that the group has been working with me for some time, I can afford to slightly increase the number of course participants.

My lessons are designed as a closed pre-paid course, because that way we can better unite and move at a similar pace in a friendly group of people who know each other. However, it is also possible to use the possibility of one-time entries for classes. My goal is not to discourage anyone from practicing yoga, so if a client needs to come to my lessons for a one-time entry, it is possible. 

The price varies depending on the studio in which the lesson is held and whether the client pre-pays the course fee or pays a one-time admission (more expensive). You can find an overview of the lessons I currently teach and the prices in the Events section.

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