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Me and yoga

Me and shiatsu

In October 2020, after about five years of personal experience with yoga, I became its teacher. I studied

200-hour yoga instructor course in Italy. And even though at that time the conditions were not ideal for starting such an activity, I used every opportunity to deepen my teaching practice, which was very fortunate. 

I am still at the beginning of my journey and I know that yoga will be a lifelong study for me. I realize that I learn something new with every single  new client. Which I think is wonderful.

Yoga and shiatsu connect very well for me, especially on the energy level, when by practicing yoga positions (asanas) I can feel the life force flowing in the body or work with it through pranayama (regulation of the breath or energy).

I am grateful every day that I can follow the path of yoga and help others in this way. 

During my studies at the University of Economics in Prague, I felt that this was not the direction I wanted to take. During my studies, I coincidentally found myself in the zero year of the Shiatsu School. I had never heard of shiatsu treatment before and knew nothing about it, I just had a huge need to try it. After completing the zero year, I knew that studying shiatsu was the right direction I wanted to take.

I signed up for professional training at the Shiatsu School and deepened my knowledge. I devoted myself a lot to practice and above all, I realized how important it is to work with yourself.

While studying shiatsu, I completed a yoga instructor course and began to perceive similarities in both these directions.

I completed my professional training
in July 2022, although I will educate
and learn to this technique, as with yoga, all my life. 

I thank every day for knowing this powerful and beautiful technique. 

My education

  • University of Economics in Prague 

  • YogaMea 200hr Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Arhanta Yoga Ashram Online 50hr Yin Yoga Course

  • Shiatsu school 

  • breathing, meditation and movement seminars

If a problem can be solved it will be. If it can not be solved there is no use worrying about it.

Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso



If you are interested in anything, please feel free to contact me. 


+420 724 185 722


Thank you for your message!


Kollárova 34,

301 00 Pilsen 3,


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