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Very pleasant yoga classes with very nice people, individual approach and lots of smiles. After our classes, I am always relaxed, laughing and nothing bothers me at all, I only perceive myself and my body.


I have been going to yoga regularly once a week for over a year. And I cannot recommend better stretching, strengthening of muscles and relaxation of the mind, especially with such an excellent yoga teacher as Verča. I went to yoga classes even before that, I practiced yoga at home according to the video, but I never liked it as much as under Verča's supervision. She carefully notices your body and gradually pushes your boundaries. I take private lessons and I couldn't be happier, because it's rare to find someone willing to get up early in the morning with you so you can get your workout done before you go to work. And what's more, Verča gives you so much positive energy so early in the morning and wakes you up to a new day. I've never had back pain or any other pain after her yoga class and I have scoliosis so back pain is normal for me. But under Verča's supervision, a person exercises as he should and does not overload the body unnecessarily with bad exercises. If you want to practice yoga with someone who understands, who is positive and empathetic, then Verča is the right choice. Thanks to her, I know that I will stay with yoga for the rest of my life. 


Yoga with Verča is divine for body and soul. It's exactly the kind of yoga that you look forward to all week and don't look forward to the end of the class. These are not those quiet classes where the teacher just says the asanas. Veru is friendly and conducts the classes in such a way that everyone feels comfortable and at the same time moves forward and learns something. I enjoy her playfulness and at the same time calmness, meditation and interest in natural healing that she passes on. I would give it six stars out of five.


We love going to Veronika's yoga classes and always look forward to the exercises. As a trainer, she is very pleasant, kind and patient, and guides everyone individually to perform the exercises correctly, which is especially important for beginners and older trainees.

Miloš and Iveta
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