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Shiatsu treatment

Course of treatment

Shiatsu treatment lasts 90 minutes . It consists of a short introductory interview, the treatment itself and final relaxation. The treatment takes place on the floor on a thin mattress (futon). Depending on the current state, the client sits or lies, it can change during the treatment. This technique does not use any oils or other preparations. It is only about touching the clothed body. Shiatsu therefore takes place in clothes .

The treatment can also take place in English. The price of the treatment is listed at the bottom of this page.


Every body is different and reacts differently depending on many factors. In general, it can be said that if a person visits shiatsu as part of prevention, it is advisable to come when they feel that treatment is needed. 

If the client is dealing with a specific complication, it is advisable to visit therapy regularly once a month (every 3-4 weeks). 

The number of meetings is also very individual and cannot be precisely determined. However, it can be assumed that the longer the imbalance exists in the body, the longer it takes to correct it.

What to take with you

You only need to bring comfortable clothes to change into. Ideally, long pants, a long-sleeved T-shirt and socks (preferably things without zippers and buttons). I recommend a sports bra for women.

It is ideal not to eat an hour before the treatment. Also, if you are taking any pills, feel free to take them as usual, it has no effect on the treatment.

When is shiatsu not appropriate

A big advantage is that shiatsu has no side effects. It is also suitable for almost everyone. However, there are a few exceptions where shiatsu is not recommended:

  • cancer

  • acute febrile conditions

  • first trimester of pregnancy

If you are not sure if this method is right for you, please contact me. 

After treatment

Shiatsu helps to realize everything that is hidden in the body. Therefore, fatigue, suppressed emotions (anger, sadness, etc.) and others may appear after the treatment. It is a sign that the body is getting rid of everything that harms it and that was unconsciously residing in the body and causing imbalance. This state should not last more than a few hours or days, and only what the client is currently ready for will appear. In general, the physical and mental state improves. 

It is ideal to relax after shiatsu.

Price and booking

The price for a 90-minute meeting is CZK 1200 .


It is possible to cancel the agreed treatment date no later than 24 hours in advance. If the appointment is canceled later or not at all, it is not possible to book another appointment before the canceled treatment is paid. 

You can order the treatment via the mentioned phone number, contact form, email or messages on social networks.

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